What the Fashionable Man Should Pack for a European Vacation

Traveling through Europe with style and panache is simple when you include some quintessential items of clothing to your wardrobe. Keeping in fashion with the cities and countries you’ll be visiting ensures that you’ll be on point and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Here’s a list of what every fashionable man should pack when jetting off to Europe.


A handsome blazer turns an ordinary outfit into a fashionable ensemble and serves as a wonderfully functional article of clothing. The long sleeves of a dapper blazer keep you warm on chilly, Parisian nights while you’re enjoying the fabulous nightlife or strolling along the dew-covered streets. Add a sharp blazer to your list of attire so you’ll never go wrong whether you’re at a cafe by day or fine restaurant in the evening.

Dark Jeans

Dark jeans are versatile and stylish alternatives to lighter pants and are a must-have on a European vacation, as they go with just about everything and are incredibly practical. Classically, the European style for men leans toward longer pants, so you’ll blend right into your surroundings by wearing jeans, and should your pants get stained, they won’t show as well on dark jeans as opposed to lighter ones. Packing for potential mishaps as well as comfort and style ensures that you’ll be prepared for anything.


Sweaters are not only chic but serve an incredibly important function, providing you with warmth on brisk evenings or crisp mornings. Wearing a stylish sweater also adds a dashing quality to your European attire. Don’t pass on this essential clothing item because your luggage is full; use packing hacks to fit everything you need in your carry-on, and be prepared for cold weather, as the climates in Europe can suddenly change with many destinations that are already cooler than cities in the U.S.

What Not to Wear: Shorts

Shorts in Europe are ordinarily worn by younger men and boys. Avoid standing out by leaving your athletic or khaki cargo shorts at home, as European men don’t generally wear them. Opt for jeans instead. They’ll go better with any shirt, blazer, or sweater you choose to wear. 

Making a fashionable impression as a man that dresses with style and sophistication allows you to relax in any social situation or area you’re visiting. Packing the perfect wardrobe puts you at the forefront of fashion, helping you create an impeccably refined visage for your European vacation.

Don’t forget to pack the perfect shoes to go with your blazer and dark jeans!