Tips for Introducing Home Décor Elements into Your Style

Interior design has been quite an inspiration for the fashion world. Fashion gurus, designers, and trendsetters are taking inspiration from home décor elements. The design textures, style, and other elements of interior design are often seen in clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. Especially marble design and patterns are proving to be a huge source of inspiration for the fashion world.

Considering the interior design trends, feminine styles and designs have dominated the fashion world for over a decade. Now, you will see interior décor designs reflecting men’s fashion statement that is setting some serious and outclass trends for men. Home décor elements can provide a lot of ideas for men to showcase their style and dress smartly; here are some of them.

1.      Emerald Gives a Luxury Touch

Emerald green is making rounds in home designing styles for some time. Interior decorators and homeowners are using emerald green to accentuate home decor, from wallpaper to upholstery chairs and from marble tiles to the carpets and rugs.

Emerald is not only a color statement for interior designs but can be great for incorporating in your personal style. Whether you add a little touch with an emerald green tie in your formal suit or opt for an emerald green suit, you are sure going to look classy. A coat-pant suit in emerald with little shimmer is a one-hundred percent head-turner wherever you go.

Do not limit emerald to formal and classy styles only. An emerald green blazer, hoodie, or t-shirt will look equally great in your casual wardrobe.

2.      Geometrical Patterns

Modern interior design is giving lovely and creative décor motifs with geometrical patterns. Marble floors and countertops, like the one seen here, are becoming modernized with geometrical patterns inspiring fashion trends for both women and men. Make a style statement with shirts and blazers that have geometrical patterns printed on them. When you look for geometrical patterns in clothing, you will be surprised to find endless options; with a variety of shapes, patterned lines, and designs, you are sure to find something you can impress your friends.

You can find a wide range of suits with subtle geometrical lines and patterns in shops and online retail stores. Suits with geometrical patterns use an elegant combination of either dark or monochromatic colors with symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns. If you are going for a bold look, get a suit that has a pattern of shaded cubes to take your formal apparel to a whole next level.

Geometrical patterns are not only limited to clothing; you can get any accessories in that style. Sneakers with colorful or monochromatic geometric patterns are growing popular among Millennials. Showcase fun and elegance in your style with geometrical designs on your sneakers or accessories.

3.      Checkerboard Suits

Checkered suits are classic and will never go out of style. But have you looked at checkerboard suits and how cool and awesome they look?

 Checkerboard marble tiles will never be outdated when it comes to interior décor. This is how the checkerboard pattern has sneaked into clothing designs. Checkerboard pattern jackets and hoodies are common these days. But have you seen checkerboard suits? They may not suit everyone, but if you want to show your fun and quirky style, a checkerboard pattern suit is worth a try.

Monochromatic black and when checkerboard design is classic; otherwise, maroon and white or white and emerald green checkerboard design will look stylish too.

4.      Black and Gold

Black and gold is a luxurious color scheme for both home décor and clothing. Black and gold marble tiles are perfect to glam up any room setting. Many bedroom décor ideas include gold marble tiles for a statement wall paired with black accents and accessories. Gold marble counter-tops with black cabinet doors make an elegant kitchen décor.

Where women can rock a black dress with gold jewelry, men can also adorn black and gold for a sexy look. Black and gold will make an amazing combination for suits. Have a deep gold silk tie with an all-black suit. You can get a light gold suit and pair it with a crisp white shirt and black patterned tie.

A black suit with thin golden stripes is perfect if you want to have a dazzling yet subtle outfit for a special occasion.  A gold velvet business suit is sure to make you look outstanding. Have a prom night coming ahead? Get a black prom jacket with gold accents to impress your prom date.

Have a dazzling black and gold striped shirt or blazer for the party night you were waiting for so long.

5.      Modern Hexagon Prints

Hexagons are everywhere these days, according to FashionAdict, especially when you look at architecture and home décor; from tiles to mirror shapes and accessories, you will find something with hexagons in homes, offices, hotels, etc. Hexagonal marble tiles are widely used for creating wall art, and kitchen and bathroom backsplash. Hexagonal prints for men’s formal and informal wear brings an accent touch to the overall look.

Some hexagonal prints designs on t-shirts are straight out of home décor style. For instance, there are t-shirts with a design of small hexagonal patterns connected to each other, just like what you see on statement walls on modern home décor.

Final Word

There is a strong connection between the fashion world and interior design, which is leading to the sharing of ideas and styles between both the realms. Designers for men fashion wear are already getting some serious inspiration from marble décor elements to set new trends.