Neck Tie Styles for Job Interview - How to Tie a Tie to Get the Job!

Job interviews have always been one of the overwhelming and hustling days in one’s life and often become a bit stressful. You are mindful of your smallest details such as your shoes, your hair, your dressing, No prior preparation might turn this day into a disaster. Therefore, it is advisable to deal with it wisely with extreme patience and care.

What’s More Important

For your job interviews, the chief strategy is just to be ‘you and focus on your actual performance. It is commonly observed that usually people are very mindful of their grooming and the way to present in front of the panel.

While being very careful about the looks such as your shoes, your hair, your dress, etc. you forget to be calm, genuine, and easy. And that’s the point where the game slips out of your hand. Prior preparations of you have to look, can intensely reduce the major stress of the day.

Key Aspect for Interview Day – The Tie

Today we shall be discussing one of the key aspects of your interview-day dressing that can leave an everlasting impact on your panel. The way you tie your neck-tie knots tells a lot about your personality and has the ability to influence your panel in many ways.

Now start taking notes on how to tie a tie for a job interview. Your tie helps you look professional, smart and signals your competencies. Some tie knots are shaky and look cheap, some look too simple and easy, some others look too flashy and complicated.

For your job interviews, you should keep it simple; clean with a touch of professional elegance.

Best professional knot styles for a winning job interview

Full Windsor knot

This type of necktie knot is also known as the double-Windsor knot. It is mostly recommended for job interviews. This kind of knot holds historical and royal importance- often attributed to Duke of Windsor or King Edward the 8th of United Kingdom.

This was his signature style knot copied by many because it is bigger, thicker and a more reliable shape. It is very tight and does not deform with time. The Royal Air Force currently wears such ties in black. 

Why They love it?

I know you all find the histories a bit bland but take this one as a pill to your grooming skill. Might come in your job interview. Who knows?

The necktie dates back to Croatian mercenaries serving in France during the 30 years’ war. These mercenaries from the Croatian military force wore traditional knotted neckerchiefs that were very appreciated by the French King Louis XIV and noble families in Paris. The king began wearing a tie setting this fashion to the rest of Europe. This fashion dates from the 1600s and is currently used by businessmen and noblemen or for important event celebrations.

It is a super classic triangular symmetrical knot that conveys perfection and attention to detail.

  • Doing Windsor knot does not require much of your time
  • Lasts as long as you keep it tied
  • It is self-releasing (loop tightens and loses without untying)
  • Super professional and once for all tie-knot

How to tie a necktie? (Windsor Knot-10 BASIC STEPS!)

  1. Start with a tie over your neck with the long side to your left.
  2. Leave an excess of 15 cm from your left long end over the short end through the neck loop.
  3. From underneath pull down and to the left pass it around the back up to the center 
  4. and through the neck loop pull the tie-down 
  5. Make sure you make a nice solid triangular structure since this will support the tie knot pass the long side across covering the triangle 
  6. Hold the tie with your fingers to create the hole
  7. Pass the tie through the neck loop from underneath down through the loop you created with your fingers.
  8. Tighten the knot by pulling down the long end and twisting with your fingers.
  9. The tie is now almost ready. Slide the knot up and make small necessary adjustments to get it perfect.
  10. Must use a mirror. It helps a lot.

Note: The correct length of your tie should be no longer or shorter than your belt buckle. Yes, Donald Trump did it wrong!

Key Tips 

The tie knot has a classic triangular beautiful diamond shape bigger than other tie knots. Its symmetry gives the idea of your professional reliability and your consciousness for the details. Your necktie is visible no matter if you are wearing a jacket, a coat, or a cardigan. Every necktie comes in different types of fabrics, colors, and knots which if coordinated properly hold the ability to convey a really good and smart professional appearance.

Regardless of color and fabric, a necktie can look good or bad on the basis of what kind of knot you choose. People put very little effort into this and underestimate its importance. By choosing easy-to-do and time-saving knots look superficial and cheap.

If your tie knot is asymmetrical, slim, crushed, or generally ugly; you will lose all the potential. On the other hand, if you choose a professional symmetrical and a big knot, you will look nice, clean, and clever. Put that little effort and spend some time trying a more complicated knot. That will surely pay off later.

 Where to Get the Perfect Tie?

Okay, the interviews are closing in, you just learned how to tie a tie knot and are ready to ace the interview, but you still don't have a tie? Let's get you a tie then! 

We have the most amazing collection of ties that are durable plus classy - and you can select the one that suits your attire and style. Plus, if you are planning to go all formal on this interview, you might also want to check out the tieclips and cufflinks on sale. 


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