Life Behind the Lens

While most of us have always been fascinated by beautiful photography, have you ever taking the time to hear the story behind the lens? Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to hear the story of life behind the lens. Meet Rafael, a 24 years old freelance photographer/ fine artist graphic designer who has experience in most forms of photography, but specializes and favors portraiture. He spends most of his time traveling from place to place, continuing to grow and figure out the world. Order and routine can kill one’s spirit, and inevitably make one’s life fly by in the blink of an eye. What is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, humans tend to consciously or subconsciously avoid. “Most would run away; I do not” he states. His site and social media pages are just a small portion of what his artist/life career includes.

Only about 4 years ago he first picked up a camera for a class and he never looked back since. It has been a journey of ups and downs but would not trade it for the world says Rafael. He was raised to purse the thing that I loved most and turn that thing into
his career. The love for different things changed a lot over the years but finally landed on photography and image making. “There are no professionals – in fact, they are far from it. As amateur as amateur gets. But this is what makes them real – they are real, with raw candid feelings brought to life by the cause and effect of what they encounter and endure within every day. Though controversial issues are a matter of opinion that often will be countered, the images displayed and the models relaying the messages area definitive projection of the world in which we live.” -Norman Jean Roy

He writes: To me fashion photography often tells one main story or sends one message and that is, “here are these clothes, please buy them.” With my photography inside and out of client work, I aim to tell a deeper story. With my images, I want to make the viewer think deeper. If they enjoy what they are looking at and it is visually appealing to them, and that persuades the viewer to buy the product then, great! while that is not the main goal. Now that might seem counter productive when being hired to do a shoot, but I find I am much better when I separate the purpose of the shoot, and do what I do best, by connecting with the model and interacting with the subject. I pull the emotions from the model over a set time and help them place there rawness onto the screen and lens. I hope to carry this way of shooting through my time as a photographer and take it to bigger platforms. I do believe that a fashion shoot can do both telling a story as well as selling a product. Not having the image sit so surface level. My names Rafael Avcioglu. I am a Chicago born photographer who travels and shoot primarily portrait photography. Using the power of photography and image making to make a living and will do this until I die. More pictures of his work can be found IG @rafael.avcioglu

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