How to Measure and Choose Your Shirt Size for Men

Usually, when we want to buy a shirt or T-shirt from any brand- they always offer us a size chart in which the sizes are written- as a whole, there are three standard sizes Small, medium, large and obviously XL & XS but how to know that what us the best size for your shirt or what size you should wear.

Your shirt's proper size matters a lot as it should compliment your body and personality. We should be careful about it for sure and measure our collar size, waist and all other parts we will discuss further. It's not only necessary for shirts but jeans and other things too- obviously.

I mean can you wear oversized or small shoes- No! You can't and they will not look good so you have to be careful.

How to measure shirt size?

Here are the following steps:

  • First, take an inches tape with you and measure your neck which will be your collar size.
  • Then measure your chest wrap around the inches tape around your chest and write down the value you get. This is the area under your arms.
  • Then measure you’re your sleeves. Wrap the tape around the arms and them from next to your wrist.
  • Then measure your waist properly
  • In the last note down all the values
  • Now when you want to buy a shirt you will see the size chart and check if your size is small, large or medium.

What size shirt am I?

After measuring the lengths you can easily see through the size chat that which size is suitable for you but it would be good if you measure it efficiently and carefully. Size in your shirts matters- some people choose to wear some oversized shirts so this way you can choose them as well.

But it's always good to wear something which fits you perfectly- it looks so charming and neat and it is necessary. When you are wearing from a brand you it should be comfortable and easy to wear because it is an important part of the process when you are buying something.

Relative but Measurable 

Don't suck your stomach inside while measuring lengths, stand still and properly, don't puff your chest while measuring even if it satisfies you- you shouldn’t do this but should be sincere and careful for your own comfort. This way you will be able to find a perfect shirt for you and of your size.

Even you yourself wouldn't feel that much confidence when you are wearing a good shirt but which doesn’t fit you properly and for how long you can bear- if it is not comfortable then it will oive you pain and we have to work hard in our daily life so why not put some effort and time in this so we can enjoy and feel relaxed later.

What size should I wear?

Well obviously it depends on you or the product you want to buy. If you are buying a shirt then you should wear your proper size but some prefer oversized or baggy oversized clothes. It is always up  to you or the place where you want to Wear it. Yes if it is a party or meeting.

Be Creative

In my open men should wear dress shirts more often as they look classy and the size should be normal not too fit or loose. And with it's all about who is wearing the shirt and how that person carries it. If you are going at someone home who is close to you and you can easily wear a T-shirt with a casual shirt- it looks decent as well as attractive. But if you are going on a meeting you have to be cautious and wear something which is suitable with the necktie or bowtie as well.

It is not about being picky or annoying at all after all the first thing the other person sees when we meet them is our dressing and obviously, as well as they notice our style of talking. Outer beauty doesn’t matter that much but our impression and how the other person looks at us. I mean if someone is in weird dressing walking In front of you- you will think too what is wrong with him/her.


Why you should be careful while shopping?

Obviously, you are spending your money in something and you didn’t get what you wanted so it is painful or annoying. We all find comfort and good quality things that compliment our personality.

We expect so many things and want them in one shirt so isn't it okay if we spend some of our time and choose the best ones for us and for that you should be aware of your shirt size and you should know which size will fit you the best.

Key Takeaways

Pay attention to the collar which type of collar suits you and is easier for you. If you like plain shirts then find choose the best ones for you. Which style you like and looks good on you if you like typical old type or new designs- printed shirts or something written on them.

And how could we forget about the color and fabric- we have to choose according to the season and event- it is actually fun shopping if we pay attention and enjoy our own time. If we can think best about other then why not for ourselves. So, if you don't have that much time or if you don't wanna go outside then shop online and choose or but whatever you like.

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