How to Design the Perfect Man Cave

The jury is in — at least when it comes to the interior design industry. Women dominate the field. This likely extends to your domestic life as well. Decorating, furniture selection and design themes are often planned by the wife. There’s an exception to this rule, though. In many homes, there is a single room colloquially known as a “man cave” where the male occupant actually has some degree of autonomy in selecting what he puts into the space.

Because it’s likely your only shot to do what you want to decorate your home, make it count. Here are a few tips to create an outstanding man cave getaway sure to impress your friends.

Start With a Bare Room

To get it just right, start from the ground up. Typically, man caves are located in basements or other areas of the house where there is a basic color scheme and minimal existing design. Pospisil Painting advises that concrete floors can be covered with customized decorative coatings to help create the perfect look. Some men like an unfinished appearance of bare concrete while others prefer a more polished look. Lighting is another consideration. Most man caves work best with soft lights, so try to avoid high-wattage bulbs or fluorescent lights. When selecting the perfect flooring, paint, and lighting, just ask yourself what mood you want to convey. Whatever route you go down, keep the theme consistent to end up with the best results.

Selecting Furniture

Beyond basic décor, furniture is perhaps the most important aspect of a man cave’s layout. You want a comfortable space to relax, kick back, and enjoy a few beers with friends. Leather couches and armchairs are quintessential man cave furniture choices. According to Leather Creations Furniture, there are also custom options to make sure couches to fit perfectly in your space, such as sectionals, recliners, and home theatre seating. Pair your seating with a sturdy coffee table. You might also want to consider a bed if you plan to spend the night there, or need to use the space for guests. Many couches come with fold-out beds, so one of these might be a good option.

Choosing Appliances and Accessories

No man cave is complete without a few fun touches. A pool table will definitely attract visitors, as will dartboards, and other classic bar games. EZ Furniture recommends putting in a poker table, as it can double as a traditional table for eating in addition to use for recreation. Unsurprisingly, a lot of man caves also include bars. Options run from a basic, small refrigerator that holds a few beers to a bar with stools, a nice set of glass decanters for liquors, or a set of taps for the freshest brews possible. 

Studies have shown man caves to be effective stress relievers that promote marital harmony. Investing in one could be just the thing you need to get away once in a while, relax and enjoy some quality time doing what you want in the new space you’ve created.

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