Got a Halloween Wedding? We Know Exactly What to Wear! Halloween Guide 2023

It’s almost Halloween season and that means the winter holidays are about to start. Winter holidays bring several other occasions. Above all: weddings.

Whether you’re attending the wedding as a guest or as the bridesmaid, your outfit is going to look a lot different than it would have if the wedding wasn’t a Halloween wedding.

Halloween weddings usually have a dress code to them. After all, they aren’t Halloween weddings for nothing. 

Before Getting Started 

However, in case the wedding you’re invited to doesn’t require the guests to follow a certain dress code, you must be wondering what to wear to a Halloween wedding.

There are plenty of answers to what to wear to a Halloween wedding. For example, dark shades and rich jewelry, and gothic accessories are good starters.

Although it might seem a little overwhelming at first, it’ll get simpler once you go through this guide where we’re ready to help you figure out what to wear to a Halloween wedding.

The Rules

Although the dress code may or may not require you to dress by Halloween, you can still add the tints of Halloween to it.

However, there are a few things that you may want to take care of while planning your Halloween wedding outfits. Here are a few things that we think you may want to reconsider before planning out what to wear to a Halloween wedding.

Follow the Dress Code

Nobody wants to dress up as a vampire to a wedding where everybody else is wearing plain formal. So, make sure you thoroughly go through the dress code before finalizing any Halloween wedding outfits.

If the bride and groom want to have you in your costume, they’ll mention it. If they want the guests to follow a particular Halloween theme, they’ll mention it. If they want the guests to follow a color code, they’ll mention it. It’d be better to save your vampire costume for a real Halloween party.

Don't Forget the Accessories

You can always wear your gothic Halloween jewelry to a wedding with your Halloween wedding outfits even if you aren’t wearing a Halloween costume.

Another way to add a subtle Halloween look, you may wear makeup that’s specific to a certain Halloween look.

Wedding Dress Ideas

The challenging part about Halloween is wearing Halloween wedding outfits that are both a wedding dress and a Halloween costume without each overpowering the other.

Experts on Halloween wedding attire suggest that you should go for dark shades that involve a little drama. Moreover, adding some sort of dark jewelry like gold with dark jewels will also add the signature Halloween look.

Ask the Bride and Groom

The first and foremost thing you might want to do before finalizing anything about what you wear to a Halloween wedding asks the bride and groom themselves.

Oftentimes all sorts of information about the dress code are mentioned on the invitation, but if you’re still having second thoughts, ring the bells right now.

Clarifying all the confusion before the main event is way better than dressing up to an event looking silly in your vampire costume when everybody else is dressed formally.

Wear Neutral Shades

Weddings are all about the bride and groom. It’s their day and they get to be in the spotlight. Make sure whatever you wear doesn’t steal the spotlight or attract much attention.

The key to what does you wear to a Halloween wedding is to wear something that doesn’t get much attention. Moreover, if you’re a guy who wants to join the wedding in a Halloween costume, some good costume ideas are agent 007, tony stark, and a cowboy.

When it comes to colors, orange being the signature Halloween shade is a bit too bright. You can rather opt for rust. It provides a much more sophisticated and appropriate look to Halloween wedding attire.

Get into Character Subtly

There are plenty of answers to what you wear to a Halloween wedding out there that may or may not be very formal but have a subtle Halloween costume look to them.

That’s exactly what you want to have as your Halloween wedding attire.

For instance, pairing your rust gown with a pair of heels and dark makeup would be more than enough for a wedding whose dress code doesn’t require you to come in your Halloween wedding attire.

Another option for what to wear to a Halloween wedding as a guest is to take a vibrant-colored scarf over your dark-colored tuxedo and pair the outfit with rounded glasses. Voila, you’re Harry Potter for the day.

Moreover, you can go for the Devil from Lucifer look. It's simple, subtle, and yet perfect for weddings. We have a variety of no-brainer Halloween costume ideas that would work perfectly for weddings too. 

Follow Your Gut

Make sure to not ignore the second thoughts you’re having while thinking about what to wear to a Halloween wedding as a guest.

If you can’t do much about the fancy costume you were going to wear to the wedding, tone it down by taking off a few accessories.

In addition to that, you may want to consider changing into something more wedding-like if you still have some time to yourself.

Key Takeaway

After all, it doesn’t matter whether the Halloween wedding requires you to wear a Halloween costume to the wedding or not when it comes to what to wear to a Halloween wedding as a guest. It’s a wedding after all and you don’t want to grab the attention that’s supposed to be all over the bride and groom.

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