Fashion Tips for the Stylish Biker

As a motorcycle rider, riding your bike is not about just getting from point A to point B, it is about enjoying the ride and the freedom that it brings. There is a culture associated with motorcycle riding that involves having a certain style of dress that, while practical, is still a bit edgy as well. We have put together a few tips that can help you to be a little more fashion-forward the next time you link up with your bike club.

Be True to You

Just because you ride a motorcycle, that doesn’t mean that you have to fit any stereotypical image or copy something out of a magazine. You should take into account what your normal personal style is and then try to incorporate that into a look that is cohesive to motorcycle riding. When choosing items such as a leather jacket or boots, you can still get the protection you need while still being expressive of your unique style.

Focus on Practicality

Just because you are being stylish, that doesn’t mean that you should throw safety out of the window. Sure, you want to look good when riding but safety must come before fashion sense. Thankfully, motorcycle jackets are not only fashionable and rugged style, but they are also an essential part of safety when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Leather, thick jeans, and boots are often worn to help reduce the damage of road rash injuries. While they may not be in fashion, you also need to make sure you wear a helmet. As cool as it may be to not have one, it definitely isn’t worth the danger it puts you in. There are a variety of helmet styles, colors, and decorations, so you can find one that will keep you safe and let you show off a little.

Wear Clothes That Fit Well

Not only can your riding gear represent your personal style in the way it looks, but also in the way it fits as well. There are plenty of motorcycle jackets that offer a more tailored and fitted sort of look that is great for a more sleek and stylish appearance. In the same vein, your pants can also be on the fitted side just as long as they allow enough room for you to maneuver easily and are thick enough to offer protection. Even if you like your clothes a little looser, it is important for them not to be baggy. Baggy clothes have a higher chance of getting caught on something, whether a part of your bike or something that you are passing. Not only will this damage your clothing, it could lead to an accident.

From your helmet down to your boots, your entire riding look can be suited to your personal style, all while keeping you safe on the road. There are even motorcycle helmets that come in a variety of styles making it even easier to put together a fashionable riding look. Although in some instances, there may need to be a choice between style and safety, thankfully motorcycle riding is not one of them.

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