Choosing the perfect tie in 2021

Going to an important meeting or having to attend an important event is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. We, men, have a hard time in choosing our ties. Every gentleman should have at least a dozen good ties of almost any colors as well as colorful combinations. Therefore, there are a few simple ,however, important steps which you might want to follow in order to make sure that you made the perfect decision!


Mandujour neckties Photo by Dom J from Pexels

First of all, you need to know what you’re looking for. In order to know the quality of a tie you should have something specific in your mind. Therefore, here are some important factors which you need to consider:

–     Feel and see the fabric the tie is made of. The safest material would be silk as it is very smooth and gives your looks a bonus. So, you need to make sure what you’re buying is actually silk as there are many scams in today’s world. I once went to a shop and what they were saying is a tie was made out of silk turned out to be the most tedious tie I have every touched. Therefore, you really need to keep an eye on the material.

–     The most important element you ought to look out for is the lining of the tie. Its purpose is to make the tie easier to put on and reduce the possibility of making it wrinkle.

Next up, naturally, is picking the right length. I always see people at interviews with either way too long ties or very short ones. The tie should be long enough to hit the top of your belt buckle and should be between 5.5cm – 10cm wide.

However, the width is not a set measurement. If you want to look more classy, you can choose a width that will correspond to the width of your jacket’s lapel. That will surely show everyone that you have mastered the arts of picking the right tie.


Always remember, a tie should not strangle you as well as it shouldn’t fall off your neck. Therefore, make sure that the tie shouldn’t be too loose however not too tight either. Make sure you feel comfortable with that tie around your neck.

Now comes the part everyone struggles with. Matching colors. Now, matching colors is an endeavor for every man as we just simply can’t see the color combinations. However, here are a few tips that might guide you through this endeavor:

–     A solid tie will always work with anything

–     A dark tie is appropriate with a khaki or blue shirt

–     A black tie is suitable for any occasions and you can wear it at anytime

–     Always see if the tie offers a nice color balance that looks pleasant

These are the main struggles we, men, deal with everyday and I strongly hope that we’ve made this endeavor easier. You may not pick the right tie all the time, however, when you do, you will have all the attention possible.