Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him in 2022?

Anniversaries are like milestones – and a celebration is due for each milestone. It may just be a year since your wedding, or a whole decade, the zest of buying and presenting a wedding anniversary gift to your husband has its own charm. We have compiled a list of some creative wedding anniversary gifts that your husband is going to love!

Feathered Bowties with Lapel Pin

Bowties are great, but the right feather bowtie is a statement. Although finding good feather bowties could cost you a ton of time – at Mandujour we have our skilled artisans custom create unique feather bowties from sustainably sourced bird feathers.

You can select the right one depending on the color choice of your partner, and we will pack it with a lapel pin and deliver it to you in a wooden box that will provide an aesthetic unboxing experience.

Cuff-links & Tie Clip Set


Another great wedding anniversary gift for your husband, if he likes to dress formally from time to time would be cufflinks and a tie-clip set. No one can ever have enough cuff links in their wardrobe, and the one you’d gift him would have a special place. Here is a wide variety of cufflinks you can select from but we’d recommend:

Leather Shoes

Shoes are a great gift, especially if your husband is picky about his footwear. At the same time, the major con of buying someone casual shoes is that they wear out soon due to excessive usage. At the same time, formal leather shoes are for a lifetime investment – and we have just the perfect ones for you in stock on sale!

Quartz Watch

Nothing beats a classic analog quartz watch with a leather belt, making it a great wedding anniversary gift for your husband. Take a look at the Mandujour custom made watch, made with care and perfection to be a lifelong gift and worthwhile investment:

Reiki Bracelet

If you are inclined towards spirituality, you might know the charm of a reiki beaded bracelet. It not only serves as a good luck charm but also cleanses the negative energy around the wearer and speeds up the healing process. If you are going low-budget for this anniversary, this might be the perfect gift:

Leather Jacket

Every man has a soft corner for a leather jacket – and if your husband has never worn one, this might be the time to add a leather jacket to his wardrobe. Leather jackets present a different vibe, and change the aura around you – making it a memorable wedding anniversary gift, especially if you can relate a context to it.


Blazers are always in trend, and if carried right, they are a statement. If your husband likes mixing formal with casual, a blazer might just be the thing you are looking for. There are a ton of blazer options available to gift him, but we would recommend this:


A necktie is an essential part of the wardrobe, especially if it’s a job requirement. A good tie stays for a lifetime and can be worn on multiple occasions, remind your husband of you and the anniversary. You can select the perfect tie according to his color and design preferences from here, or if you are looking for something classy, our recommendation would be this tie set:

The Art of Presenting

Buying the gift is only step one of the process. You have to make sure to present it in the best possible way to make the gift more memorable. Even if it’s a last-minute purchase, think of a context from the early days of your relationship that can relate to the gift – and write a sweet note.

Make sure the gift is packed well, has a handwritten note on it, maybe throw in a flower, or a whole bouquet, if you have enough money left.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s better to buy one great thing than to focus on the number of gifts. For wedding anniversaries it’s best to buy gifts that can stay for a lifetime, always reminding you both of the good times. Moreover, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get reminders for discounts and sales!



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