8 Elements You Need to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Man Cave in Your Backyard

Is your wife tired of the noise and the mess your buddies make when you all get together? An outdoor man cave is the perfect solution. Even if your wife isn’t tired, or you don’t have a wife, an outdoor man cave can be the ultimate place for men to congregate and party like only men know how. As you’re putting together your cave, keep the following in mind.

Comfy Seating

Perhaps the most important aspect of a man cave is the seating. Plastic chairs just won’t cut it here. They just aren’t comfortable and will break if you lean back. You need something that will allow you to kick back and relax. You’ll want solid construction, and soft cushions. Keep in mind how much sun your chairs and couches are going to be getting. Sun can degrade fabrics and cause their color to fade which will give your cave a real dingy feel. According to PatioHQ, it’s also important to make sure that your patio furniture is weather resistant. Your furniture needs to withstand the morning dew and spring thunderstorms without getting rusty or moldy.

Cooking Station

In your man cave, you are the king of the grill. Unless of course you want to give someone else a turn. The cooking station is not the place to skimp if you want to make a big impression. There are so many things you can add; your only limit is your budget and your space. Consider the following options.

  • Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Gas Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Rotisserie Grills
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Skillet Grill
  • Fridge
  • Freezer

You can buy any of these appliances or you can have them custom made from stone and brick.

Entertainment Center

According to Keystone Custom Decks, having an outdoor television makes it more fun to get together with friends and watch the game out on your back deck. You can give the boys a more immersive experience by installing an outdoor surround sound system. For visual, you could go with an outdoor tv or an outdoor projector. You can get a bigger screen for cheaper by using a projector, but you won’t be able to see things as well until the sun goes down.

However, there are also TVs that are made for the outdoors that will provide a better experience than if you just brought a regular TV outside. As you’re placing your entertainment center, keep in mind the lighting. You don’t want to have your viewing experience ruined by glare from the sun or other lights.

Manly Decorations

If you truly want your outdoor man cave to be an outdoor man cave and not just a regular outdoor gathering space, you need to have manly decorations. According to Next Luxury, rustic décor with it’s woodwork and leather detailing can be an excellent way to give your cave a manly feel. You can add to this by hanging some manly knives and axes on the wall, and a few animal trophies from your hunting days.

Of course, if you’re gathering to watch a game, you need it to be made perfectly clear which team you support. Hang some jerseys and banners that showcase your favorite sports teams. Put up some hockey sticks and baseball bats on the wall. Hang some helmets over the entryway. This gives you a more in-game feel while watching sports with your buddies.

Proper Shading

There will be plenty of times when you may want to have the boys over during the day. If this is the case, no one wants to sit out sweating in the sun the whole time. You can give yourselves a better place to relax by building a roof over your man cave. Install a few fans in the roof as well. That way, when the day is sweltering, you can get some circulation going to keep things cool.

You may even want to have a wall on one side of your man cave to provide extra shade. As the sun goes down, right before it hits the horizon, the light can be quite painful if it gets in your eyes. According to Shade Structures, it’s also important to have this shade because it can block harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. By properly arranging your man cave you can make sure that no one has to look into the sun as day turns to night.

Soothing Relaxation

For the ultimate experience, consider the benefits of a soothing spa as part of your man cave. You could relax in bubbling heat with a drink in your hand feeling the cool night air as you watch your favorite team crush their opponents. According to Bullfrog Spas, hot tubs can range from a couple thousand to over 10 grand depending on what features you want. You can even get a smart hot tub that connects to your smartphone. These tubs allow you to use your phone to program massage sequences according to your preferences. If you can afford one, a hot tub in your man cave is sure to make your cave the favorite location for your buddies to gather.

Tables and Counters

If you’re going to be having food, you’ll need plenty of places to put it. Considering getting yourself a mini bar where your friends can get themselves drinks. You’ll need a serving table for the meat as it comes fresh off the grill as well as for the chips and other snacks. You’ll reduce the amount of food and drink spilled if you have tables for your friends to eat around. You’ll also want to have a table that is comfortable to sit at for cards or other games.


When the sports game is over, or during halftime you’ll want a way to have a little competition of your own. Investing in a few games can be a great way to get a little friendly competition going. A classic option is to have an outdoor pool table. This is a great way to involve multiple people in a non-strenuous game. If you’re feeling a little more lively, most pool tables can be easily converted into a ping pong table or air hockey table. These games are sure to get your adrenaline running, especially if you up the ante by playing sting-pong.

If you’re going to be building yourself an outdoor man cave, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. This cave is a place for you and the guys, so enlist some of them in helping you out. Ask your friends for some input while you’re considering these 8 topics we’ve covered; you may be surprised by some of your buddies’ great ideas.

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