6 Unique Ways To Bow Knot With Your Favourite Suit This Winter


Make a Wish Feather Bow Tie Set with suit

Make a Wish Feather Bow Tie Set with suit

Formal parties and events are incomplete without the perfect suit and a big sized tie. Your personality reflects best when you wear the tie knot like a gentleman. Almost every man has to suit up for official meetings and get-togethers. While tying a knot, you must keep the size, symmetry as well as shape into consideration. From simple knots to classy Windsor ones, you can stick to absolutely any tie knot. However, the type of knot varies significantly with the event you’re going to attend. Try to dress up better and tie a knot for essential meetings. However, for the everyday events, a simple four in hand tie knot will do the job.

Not only does it make you a gentleman, but it also provides an elegant appeal to your outfit. So, tie the perfect knot and rock your meetings like a boss. 

Keep reading to know the ways to get that perfect knot and slay your formal attires.

Keep It Simple With Four-In-Hand Knot

For all the casual meetings, you need to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t waste your precious time in trying out complicated knots. Instead, wear an elegant suit and tie the ordinary knot to look laid back. This style emerged in the 19th century and reflected versatility in the best ways. All you need to do is keep the wide end towards your right side. Move the wide end under the small end and then in the front of it. Make the perfect neck loop with the same and tie it up in the end. Tighten the knot like you always do and let the simplicity prevail.

Don’t forget to grab the best color combination. Not only will this fetch you great attention, but it also reflects gentlemen like vibe.

Slay The Formal Attire With Half Windsors

Yet another type of knot for a slightly fancy party is half Windsor one. Being suitable for the medium to high thickness tie, this knot can transform your look in seconds. To get an even better shape, you must grab the medium thickness tie from ties.com. Half Windsor knots are three fourth the size of Windsor ones. These are often used for fancy meetings and more than casual events. Along with the improved appearance, it produces a small dimple at the bottom. This makes the knot even more amazing and highly sought after one. 

Unlike the simple knots, for this knot, you need to turn the wide end twice. This will make a sharp dimple at the bottom and a thicker knot. 

Reflect Royal Vibes With Windsor Knots

Achieve the trend-setting look with the huge triangular knot inspired by the royal lineages. Just like the prince of Duke, even you can look sleek and royal with the Windsor knot. For all the important events, you need something different to slay the show. So, grab the best tie and knot it the Windsor way. Follow the half Windsor tie steps and add an extra half turn to create this look. Also, don’t forget to complete the whole look by wearing a classy watch and formal shoes. Wear a spread collar shirt and skillfully tie the triangular knot. 

Sometimes called the double Windsor knot, the knot also contains a full dimple at the bottom. With this, you can achieve the desired formal appearance in no time.

Inverted Knot With Kelvin Type

With the kelvin knot, you can transform a basic, simple tie into a classy one. Emerging from the times of great physicist, this knot contains an inverted tail. Along with this, you achieve a unique look instantly. This type of knot is best suitable for all the times when you want a quick yet attractive appeal. Unlike the other knots, for this one, you need to turn the wide end in the same direction twice. The result is an inverted knot with a thin yet astonishing tail. Being a variant of the simple knot, it can greatly enhance your formal outfits. Complete the look by wearing a good watch and crispy formal shirts. 

Overall, this knot style is a carefree yet elegant one. It works best for lazy people who wish to appear classy always.


Let The Tail Prevail With Murrell Knots

Have you ever come across a tie knot that has the tail in the front? Probably not! Being a rare knot type, the Murrell one is suitable for royal events. In this type, the tail lies in the front of the tie. So, you must grab a tie that has double set prints. Make sure that the tail end pattern contrasts with the wide end to give a complete look. Also, both the prints must match your suit color. You need to select the tie as well as suit after proper observation. Otherwise, the whole Murrell look might turn out to be a depressing one. 

So, get the best formal look with Murrell knot and astonishing blue suit today.

Get The French Balthus Knot

Pioneered by the famous French artist, this knot speaks for its simplicity and attractiveness. If you’re a fan of big tie knots, go for this type. Due to the number of turns, it contains, the result is a short yet elegant tie. With a conical knot and big size, this knot works best for the semi-formal events. It requires some criss-cross turns performed with utmost precision and skill. Overall, the Balthus knot is preferable if you’re looking out for a short yet ecstatic tie. 

You don’t need to think twice before opting for this knot. However, it might turn out to be a little time consuming for you. 

Bottom Line

While wearing the formal outfits, you need to stick to the best tie knots. Whether it’s the ordinary knot or a classy french Balthus one, you can opt for anyone. Decide the size, shape, and symmetry based on the events you’re going to attend. For an important meeting, go for some royal looking knots. However, if it’s a casual office event, even the basic four-in-hand knot will do. Achieve the best office look and suit up elegantly. Also, don’t forget to grab the right accessories that complement your look and enhance the outfit.