5 Men Accessories to Get that Luxurious Look

“Every man should have a magnifying mirror. If you look well magnified, you are set to go” – Tom Ford

The attention to the more beautiful detailing related to men’s accessories often gets overlooked. Men’s fashion has always been in the limelight, and men accessories have carved a niche in the fashion industry in recent times.

Quite often, it’s noticed that the front-runners of apparel like shirts and chinos tend to get the top priority and consideration. But, with the current flow of style-awareness, the men’s accessories have turned into a showstopper of the fashion world. 

We have thus outlined below the significant five men accessories to get that luxurious look. Though fashion is cyclic, then the info given below has been held for a long spell. And, most probably will stay forever in times yet to come.  


1. Neck-pieces

Neck-pieces are not only for women alone but for men too! Though the design varies, neck-pieces seem to go in and out of trend in men’s fashion sphere. Try keeping the pendant in a somewhat understated manner, as if balanced with rings; a large pendant will be more distracting and loud. There are available classic styles for men’s neck-pieces, like the broad-strand gold or silver chains, dog-tags, spiritual emblems, and chokers.

Similarly, the leather corded necklace team appropriately with a casual outfit. A men’s neck-piece is known as one of the luxurious accessories. But, try wearing them on the skin.  And, if you intend to highlight your accessory, put on a wide neck-lined t-shirt or pullover.


2. Tie-bars

Silk woven ties are worn purely indicating fashion, nowadays.  A tie-bar makes it more evident in the crowd. They are also known as tie-clip, tie- slide or tie-clasp – a luxurious accessory mostly used by men, in today’s corporate world. If delved deep within, only classiest men are aware of the right use of a tie-bar.

Opt for semi-precious metal like gold or silver. But your accessory should be longer than the width of the tie you are wearing. Always remember to stay away from complicated and loud designs. Pleasant and straightforward designs will look more sophisticated on you.


3. Cuff-links

If you are an ardent admirer of French cuff shirts, cuff-links teams you appropriately. They are generally designed in order to wear the same, as they give a very formal outlook.

The design and metal are totally on the wearer. But then, as stated as a dressy accessory, try keeping it more elegant and sleek. They are mostly available in high-end retail outlets, saying their quality to be outstanding. The whole outlook transforms into a high-class, cultured, and classy self.


4. Wristwatches

Nearly all men are the proud owner of a wristwatch. And most prefer matching their watch’s strap toning with their belt. Wristwatches come in two main categories, for those men who prefer the expensive look.

Leather and bracelet straps give the most luxurious look. While fabric straps cater to a more casual outlook. When attending any formal occasions, black-tie parties or corporate get-togethers, you wear suits. And this also connotes that you should be extra cautious about choosing your accessories.

Go in for a  classy-looking gold wristwatch paired with gold-plated cuff-links. Zero-down your look with a tie-bar, and you are ready to steal the show. If you are heading to a casual get-together or any informal gathering, your golden wristwatch should replace it with a sporty looking watch. The same aided with fabric or leather strap. Complete your look donning a pea-overcoat or a trendy leather jacket. You are ready to rock the podium!


5. Bracelets

In recent times, bracelets have exploded into popularity in the men’s fashion realm. There are various sorts of bracelets made for men, like the leather cord bracelets, bead bracelets, metal or chain bracelets. But then, there are specific wearing rules which you should be aware of.

Firstly, you have to make sure that the item is thick enough, with a manly outlook. Secondly, cherry-pick that sort based on your outfit and individuality. Leather ones are more for casual looks, while metal and bead bracelets are rightly suited to corporate men!


Stand-out with luxury

One thing is for sure – men generally prefer looking excellent and expensive. They, thus opt for sleek pieces, which are pure yet precious. Neck-pieces, bracelets, wristwatches, cuff-links, and various other accessories could help in transforming a dull-looking attire into a most luxurious one.

It is essential to wear your accessories with poise. These above conversed five men accessories will help you look dashing while experiencing that luxurious look. So, stand-out with luxury!