3 Beach Fashion Tips for the Modern Man

Beach weather is right around the corner! What are you going to wear? It’s easy to pull out a pair of old swim trunks; however, this is the time to show off your fashion sense and make a splash at the beach or pool. Dressing to impress is what makes the modern man stand out in a crowd and helps you feel confident in your own skin.

Current Styles

Men’s swimwear choices have come a long way since Bermuda shorts and revealing bottoms. 2020 sees the rise of camo prints and classic stripes for edgy and effortlessly cool styles. If your style is more traditional, look to singular color swim trunks that flatter your skin tone. Other accents to look for are durable drawstrings to cinch to your figure and additions including pockets when you want to keep your valuables safe during a walk on the beach.

Grooming Tips

The sun and sand are always enjoyable, but you may need to take preventative measures to make sure your grooming is up to date before heading to the shore. Look to strong sunblock to reduce age spots and wrinkles that may occur from UV rays. If you’re self-conscious about too much body hair, you can also easily tackle the problem. Depending on the circumstance some men use laser hair removal for a smooth chest. The same goes for your legs and back if you want a smoother appearance. Just make sure to have some recovery time between treatments to not aggravate your skin in the sun.

Cover Up If Necessary

If you prefer your beachwear to cover your body and aren’t planning on going in the ocean, there are many options to cover up to feel more comfortable. A light cotton shirt can keep you covered and feel the beach breeze, as well as looking effortlessly flawless with a pair of denim shorts. You can also choose to wear a lightweight shirt unbuttoned to feel the sun on your chest and pair it with chino pants to make sure you don’t get too hot.

Beach style will get you noticed when you’re ready for attention this summer. The modern man can enjoy showcasing his individual fashion sense while staying up to date with the latest trends that will certainly be a hit at the pool or beach. Stay comfortable and stylish with fashionable beach wear this year!

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