Wardrobe Tips for College Guys


Speaking of the truth, your image is more important than you may have been taught earlier on. If you want to make an impact in college start strong and dress like a young man that you are. You must be perceived as someone who can make an impact. 

Be Confident

Before anything else representing a large style depends on a confident attitude. Confidence does more than just help you get in touch with women. This is the intrinsic motivation to remember who you are and what you represent. When you are in tune with your goal, it sends a strong signal that affects the aura you release - and even the clothes you wear. How do you build that confidence? Learn from a good mentor. An experienced person who exudes confidence the second he makes eye contact with anyone (without being arrogant).

Putting Value in Style & Image

Your eyes must be open to the inconvenient truth: A book is often judged by its cover. Appearance is important. Especially when it comes to first impressions. Is not a good personality still important? Absolutely! But some people will never be exposed to it if they cannot see past your dull "cover". To leave first impressions, your style and image must be within the college’s system of what’s acceptable – what’s expected from you as a guy in college. You want to dress in a way, which may easily grant you those precious seconds to sell a thought, argue your case, and influence others.

This means you have to stick to clean, neat and well-fitting clothes. This will encourage your colleagues and lecturers to take you more seriously. Every young man in college needs to understand that.

It is also important to dress appropriately for your age. If your wardrobe screams "teenager" or "student" - you will be treated as if you were still a child. You need more dressy clothes that show your maturity so that you gain the respect and trust of everyone (older and younger).


Nail the Fit

At home, you can always wear loose shorts or oversized shirts, even if you have slimmed down. But outside, remember, fit is king. For any apparel item, this should be your top concern in the Style Pyramid (before you think about fabrics and features/styles).

Golden Rule: If it does not fit (and cannot be adjusted slightly to fit) - please do not buy it. It won’t work.


Own a Well-Fitted Suit

At some point in your life, you will probably want to wear a high quality suit. So if you are going to buy one, make sure it is a classic suit. Take into account factors such as notch lapels, the right length of the jacket (the back should not completely cover your buttocks) and a clean and firm seam (open vents and chest pockets to check for this).

For any clothes off the hanger, please take some time to adjust. Some department stores still provide this service, but you may need to find a tailor independently. Qualified tailors will know how to make small changes from "mediocre" to "perfection". They could even turn a $10 suit of thrift into a staple of your wardrobe. That's right - no matter where the suit comes from. As long as it seems incredible!

Note: Carefully choose the colour of your suit. You do not wear bright or gorgeous things for funerals or corporate events. Make the best choice depending on the occasion and colour of your shoe.


QUALITY over Quantity

What good is a wardrobe that’s oversaturated with items that either (A) Things that you do not like to wear or (B) are hard to match with each other? The fact is, it's a kind of dump - where the good stuff gets lost in the mix, while the rest needs to be sorted out or replaced. While you are still young, this is one of those mistakes you will be happy you made. Because it gives you the wisdom to make better purchases (even over clothing) at an early age

You should try to build your own interchangeable wardrobe, which includes:

  • A good core of white and blue dress shirts (the backbone of the sharpest outfits)
  • Simple ties with dark shades of blue, green or red (a small repetitive pattern is good)
  • Jackets, pants, shoes with the right colours and textures (which are not incompatible with your shirts)

This system provides a complete set of clothes that are needed 99% of the time, and each piece of the clothes is your favourite clothes to wear.

Dress to match your attitude. A winning personality is always accompanied with a winning outfit.


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