Mandujour Silk Neckties


Choosing the perfect tie for an occasion can be really difficult. A man's wardrobe is incomplete if he does not have a dozen of ties of different colors complementing every occasion.

When it comes to choosing the perfect ties, silk neckties should be your first option. When you are looking for the perfect tie you need to pay a lot of attention to its fabric. The fabric should be smooth so the safest option would be silk. Our Mandujour silk neckties are made from 100% silk and they do not only enhance your look but are extremely easy to handle as well.

While selecting a tie you need to focus on its length too. Our neckties come in a variety of sizes, complementing every single body type. It is important to know that your tie should not be too long or too short; instead it should end at the top of the belt buckle and should be 5-10 cm in width. If you want to look classy, make sure the width of your tie is equal to the width of your jacket's lapel (a bonus point to remember). Moving forward to the fitting, you need to make sure that the tie is not extremely loose that it looks like it is about to fall off your neck and it should not be extremely tight that it ends up strangling you. You should feel comfortable while wearing your tie. When it comes to matching ties with suits, the task can turn out to be somewhat difficult. Our silk Mandujour ties are available in a variety of colors as well. These ties are available in solid colors which will go with anything. The ties are also available in dark colors which can work with blue and khaki colors of your shirt. Not only these ties have excellent quality but they offer a nice color balance as well. Our silk Mandujour ties possess a variation when it comes to patterns and you can easily choose a tie with perfect pattern for whichever event you are attending.

It is an undeniable fact that finding the perfect tie can be a very difficult task but if you know what you are searching for while having a list of specific qualities in your mind related to the kind of tie you want you can easily choose the most exquisite tie from our silk Mandujour ties collection.


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