Journey from a man to a gentleman - Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoe


Journey from a man to a gentleman-

Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather shoes - Journey from a man to a gentlemanMandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoe

Between the long list of chores and professional responsibilities, a man loses the track of time and at the end of the day, all he is left with is a couple of old items to wear. A good pair of shoes is not just like any item you have in your wardrobe for it can either lift your personality to the level of a prince or can break your image down to the level of someone too invisible to be noticed. It is crucial for men to own at least one or two pairs of the perfect shoes that are comfortable as well as trendy to add to their personality.


Importance of Good Shoes

In the first glance, it seems impossible that shoes can actually relate to the personality of the people and can uplift it too. However, there is nothing modern day science can’t prove now. A study done in 2012 closely studied the traits of the people and the type of shoes they wear. The study revealed the ways a pair of shoes can make or break the personality of the owner.

It clearly shows that agreeable, trustworthy, and successful people prefer to wear comfortable and classic shoes rather than any other type.  As Christian Louboutin quotes, “A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” Many other studies were carried out and the results added up to the fact that shoes can really add extra charm to any man’s personality.

So, if you are walking into a job interview, aiming for a business deal or simply giving a presentation in class it is crucial for you to walk in the right pair of shoes that only takes you towards success. Wearing a good pair of shoes makes sure that you are perceived as a professional and trustworthy person among the people you sit. However, finding a pair of shoes that is a perfect blend of a classic look, new trend, and comfortable to wear is only a dream that you can wish to come true!


Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true one way or another. At times wishing on a star helps and at other times, struggling builds up the ladder to achieve the dreams. All the men reading this should consider themselves fortunate as Mandujour took the responsibility of bringing the men’s dream of perfect shoes to life. Yes, you read it right. The company has come up with a special pair of shoes that is full of all the qualities that you have enlisted on the list you carry in your hands whenever you go out to shop for shoes. Here are some great qualities you would get to enjoy by buying Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoes:

Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoe Laces

  • Lace Style: What is the worth of shoes without the classic Lace Style? We know that the answer is a big no. Laces have been in the market for so long that shoes seem incomplete and unappealing without them.
  • Genuine Cow Leather: You come across a million shoes in the market but the one that catches your eye for sure is the one with original cow leather. We have got the shoes that will catch your eye for sure.
  • Modern Look: Every pair of shoes made under the tag of our company has its own story. The finest craftsmen stitch each shoe with their hands to give it a touch of the modern day look along with the perfect finishing and an amazing look.
  • Amazing Colors: The color of the shoes is equally important as its looks and comfort. No one wants to wear the same color every day. Luckily, you have six different and equally attractive colors to choose from.
  • Range of Sizes: Why should the comfort and class be limited to a couple of people? We believe all men should have access to the luxurious shoes regardless of their shoe sizes. We offer 13 different sizes.
  • One for All: It is a tedious task to buy a pair of shoes and buying one to wear on different occasion sounds like hell. You can wear Mandujour shoes for the weddings, meetings, trips, parties and anywhere.
  • Perfect Blend: Some shoes are modern while others have an ideal lifetime. It is extremely difficult to decide which ones prefer. Mandujour is the perfect blend of its surrounding culture and the trend of London.
  • Affordable Rates: Given the list of the qualities you must be wondering if the rate of the shoes is too high to fall in everyone’s range. The big news is that these shoes do not cost more than $150, which is a totally fair price.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: If you fear to buy items and then not finding them perfect for use later then shop for our shoes without fear. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and if by any chance you change your mind, we would refund your money.

 Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoe toes

Rules of Wearing It

For most of the shoes you buy, there are a couple of rules that you must follow, limited places you can wear it to, a small number of dresses it goes with and many other limitations. However, Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoes come with no such limitations. They are perfect partners for your feet to be worn on any type of adventure. You can wear them to your office in the daylight, to the parties in the night, to the family meals, to trips and to any other place you intend to visit. Moreover, the good quality of the leather allows you to wear these shoes throughout the year in every weather.

If you are someone who loves to buy things that do not go out of the fashion and can stand the tests of time too, then Mandujour Sidewing Blucher Leather Shoes should be present in your shoe collection. Who can resist buying such an awesome pair of shoes even when they are available at a reasonable rate?

A pair of shoes changed the lives of many people and it can change yours too. It’s time that you find your own charm by wearing our shoes and get a place in the limelight! Place your order and buy one for yourself today!

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