After many years of studying nonstop, you have finally been awarded a diploma. With the economy not looking too promising, you may begin to panic several months of applying for job without any success. But the worst feeling is when the creditors starts calling for the student loans used to get the diploma and not knowing where the next paycheck is going to come from. At times, we may have an idea why we are unable to get a job, but other times we are clueless Either way, you have to continue your search for something new. The most important lesson I got from my mentors in college was that a job search should be taken very seriously, almost as if it were a job.


A job search is never easy, even with the speed of technology and the use of social networking and being right out of college don’t make it any easier to find something good. What is important when you are in this type of position is to treat your search as if you were going to the office. Spend your entire day doing things related to finding a job, and you will have many great possibilities soon enough.

The better prepared have a better chance than the least prepared, so prepare yourself for a battle. This should include sharpening your resume, network on the professional social networks like Linkedin, studying the current trends in the particular field that interest you the most, and scoping out job leads. Of course, the most important things are sending out resumes and going on interviews. Don’t forget to dress for success.  The term “dress for success” was first used by author John Malloy in the 1970s in his book Dress for Success. The phrase means pay attention to the way you look in an effort to make a good first impression. Spend a good amount of time doing these things, and you will find what you are looking for.

While it is easier for some to land a job right out of college, a job search is not an easy task when you don’t have a lot of experience yet. Don’t be discouraged if you have to go on many interviews before you get an offer. This is just the way it is, and it does not mean you are not a good candidate. However, if you have followed all of those tips and still have gotten and offer.  Rethink your resume and your approach, and try to seek help from other professionals and that can turn everything around.


Vladymir Girault


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